Amit Arkhipov-Goyal

Nocto Update #6


You Get What You Give

Inspiring college students and chatting with banks, what else can a nightlife venture be up to?

Nocto was delighted to share its vision and developments during an interview with the Swiss bank Dukascopy, two weeks ago. Dukascopy specialises in internet based and mobile trading services, such as forex trading and binary options platforms. The bank is headquartered in Geneva and has offices in 7 other countries. As part of the business, the bank runs it’s own TV channel with an online community of over 130,000 members. The discussion centered around the setbacks of the nightlife industry, where Nocto’s CEO shared his insights on the reasons for the problems facing both business and customers, and how Nocto is tackling them one city at a time. The interview illustrates the importance of financial institutions role in supporting the growth of entrepreneurship and young companies. The interest from the bank further highlights Nocto’s relevance beyond serving businesses and customers.

A fundamental part of successful entrepreneurship is giving back to the community that is helping foster new start-ups. As part of this philosophy, Nocto has had the honour of delivering an inspiring workshop for students at Albeda College in Rotterdam. The objective is to use a problem-solving venture like Nocto to motivate others to pursue their ideas. The workshop centered around demonstrating that problems are in fact opportunities and that this is the story of entrepreneurship. Value generation only exists when a problem is being solved. As Nocto’s CEO, David Franzen pointed out to the students, ‘there is no set model to get it right, it is fully dependent on your motivation and energy.’ He concluded by clearing some misconceptions about the risks of engaging in entrepreneurship, putting it in context of the challenges faced by Nocto.


We are excited to announce that the Nocto Android App will finally be released internationally within the next week! The app has undergone testing in the last weeks to guarantee that users have a smooth and pleasant experience with the app. This is a major step in ensuring that anyone with a mobile device can access Nocto and improve their nightlife experience.

Inspired by the idea and want to contribute? Check out our limited crowdfunding campaign on Tailwind that will officially be live starting June 12th! Both businesses and individuals can contribute, while venues can even pre-pay for the service. Alongside the campaign, Nocto has launched a Thunderclap campaign last Friday to bolster Nocto’s social media reach in this critical period. Thunderclap is a crowd speaking platform that expands awareness of a cause or an idea, where users pledge to share it through social media at the end of the campaign’s duration. Through the last campaign, Nocto had a reach of more than 200,000 people online. Support us through this link!

Have questions? Reach out to us on Facebook or email us at info@noctoapp.com for more information! We are also hiring now so you have an opportunity to join the team by contacting us here! We are particularly on the lookout for people based in Rotterdam to become Regional Managers of the United Kingdom, Germany/Switzerland/Austria and Scandinavia, and for City Ambassadors to become our local sales representatives in any European city!.

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