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The beauty of the modern era and the internet is the ability for solutions to be applied exponentially to larger amounts of people, worldwide. Despite our focus on Europe, below we look deeper into the story of how Nocto is now established in Bangalore, India.

Coming from the digital entertainment space with a drive for live entertainment and following 6 years in corporate employment, Rikk Awal recognised the need for a nightlife experience app in his city of residence - Bangalore. Rikk noted that local venues had no issues with the number of attendees, but struggled to retain customers in the long run. “Everything is ‘pre-set’ and there is no proactive relationship with the customers,” asserts Rikk, “the audience feels more valued if the venue is responsive.” Following some research and experimenting, Rikk discovered that setting up his own venture would not be a simple task. Through further browsing he came across Nocto on social media, reached out and consequently joined the Nocto team. He saw Nocto as the exact solution he’d been seeking for the local nightlife scene.

Rikk Awal
Head of Sales
Rikk Awal Head of Sales Team picture

So how is Nocto relevant to the Indian market? As Rikk explains, besides being one of the most populous countries in the world, the younger generation is shifting its mindset towards globalisation and connectivity. Combined with the digital transformation and machine learning developments taking place, India’s outward looking generation makes for a sizeable market. The services sector in India alone is expected to grow 8.8% in the 2016-17 period, demonstrating the vast amount of space for online services to develop (IBEF). Bangalore is situated in the heart of the Indian ‘Silicon Valley’, presenting Nocto as an ideal solution not only for the locals, but for the business travelers and expats originally unfamiliar with the region.

“Nocto has the potential to build a self sustaining ecosystem, where the continuous engagement between venues and the guests improves customer satisfaction and raises brand value for the businesses,” continues Rikk. The customers receive more trustworthy information since it is sourced directly from other app users, which is of particular importance in a market like India, where an immense amount of marketing is carried out through word of mouth. Beyond Nocto’s universal benefits, the app can improve accessibility to urban nightlife for many Indian citizens. As many inhabitants, particularly the younger groups, live in areas surrounding major cities, they do not have the opportunity to visit venues frequently. Using Nocto and thus having a more targeted approach, more people can be engaged with the urban scene.

New opportunities come with challenges and this one is no exception. According to Rikk, “upfront investment in India is a challenge, as businesses are hesitant to invest in a service until they see what results it delivers”. That said, just like any other challenge, Nocto is ready to target it head-on and demonstrate the value of automated processing to the local venues by organising our first Indian event in Bangalore, in the coming weeks. (For any locals, stay tuned for more details!) This further depicts that the Nocto concept can be applied to any city in the world and all we need to get started there is a City Ambassador!

Lastly, we are excited to announce that our Android app will be available shortly! Android users, be on the lookout for the official release on our social media pages! Meanwhile, you can join the Android waiting list via Nocto Social.

Inspired by the idea and want to contribute? Check out our limited crowdfunding campaign on Tailwind! Both businesses and individuals can contribute, while venues can even pre-pay for the service. Have questions? Reach out to us on Facebook or email us at info@noctoapp.com for more information! We are hiring now & you have an opportunity to join the team by contacting us here! We are particularly on the lookout for people based in Rotterdam to become Regional Managers of: the United Kingdom, Germany/Switzerland/Austria and Scandinavia, and for City Ambassadors to become our local sales representatives in any European city!

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