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Nocto Update #4


Nocto’s Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign

Nocto is excited to finally announce its upcoming crowdfunding campaign! Read on to see why we are using crowdfunding and how we will distribute the contributions.

Adapting to the ways of the 21st century, Nocto is launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance its expansion into the European market. Crowdfunding has become an essential element for rising ventures and it is no different in Nocto’s case. Businesses, investors and individuals all benefit appropriately for their contributions. The crowdfunding campaign lets people and businesses pre-pay for our service, thus benefiting from discounts, brand accessories and the potential to establish partnerships with Nocto. Below you can see how you can support Nocto;

The priority of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise capital for the development of the platform and to cover operational expenses. Committed to delivering an outstanding service, Nocto will allocate approximately 66% of the collected funds towards the technical development, since the mobile apps and the B2B SaaS platform are the core of the product. To ensure that everyone has access to Nocto, much of the funding will be directed at the Android App, which is in development at the moment. The rest will cover other expenses such as marketing, legal and administrative matters. Our dedicated team members need to be rewarded for their efforts and passion for the concept. With a specialized and passionate team, we will have all the needed tools to conquer Europe!

The Nocto team has been developing the concept for almost 2 years now. It has since established a solid base for the venture and has set up an office at the Rotterdam Science Tower. Following the recent achievements, particularly Nocto’s victory at “Get in the Ring” pitch event hosted by the Rotterdamse Bankiersvereniging, Nocto is ready to take a serious step up. As the concept grows and spreads through Europe, Nocto is realizing its added value to the tourism industry, now collaborating with hotels, hostels and travel agencies. Spontaneous and last minute holidays have become the new norm across Europe with cheap flights, hotels and deals available throughout the year. As a tourist, you lack the knowledge of the local scene, and you only have a limited time in the new city. Easily find the place to be with Nocto, in any European city!

All in all, it can be said with certainty that the people at Nocto encourages every young individual to experience the exciting environment of a rising venture! Be it to meet people, to obtain new skills or perfect existing ones, Nocto’s CEO, David Franzén asserts that a person who has not worked at or founded a start up, has foregone the best business experience available.

Want to contribute? Check out our campaign on Tailwind! Have questions? Reach out to us on Facebook or email us at info@noctoapp.com for more information! We are hiring now & you have an opportunity to join the team by contacting us here! We are particularly on the lookout for some regional managers and a short-term crowdfunding manager.

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