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Nocto Update #3


Behind the Scenes of Nocto

Having looked at the people on the forefront of Nocto last week, today we take a sneak peak at the team that has developed Nocto into what it is today.

Nocto began as a concept back in September 2015 and has since evolved into a rapidly rising start-up in the nightlife scene. Aside from the order of business, the pride of the team lies in its diversity. At the time of writing, the team consisting of 18 exceptional individuals represents 12 nationalities. “The team spirit and energy of the young but serious venture” is at the heart of Nocto’s expansion, explains Marwan El Khatib, Nocto’s Head of Marketing. Not only does this provide for an enriching experience for the team members but it enables the team to understand the audience of Nocto. It is an established fact that multicultural work environments almost always outperform monocultural ones, by being more innovative and relevant. In Nocto’s case this is necessary to effectively address a wide range of people across many countries and take Nocto across borders.

Amsterdam ∙ Rotterdam ∙ London ∙ Barcelona ∙ Paris ∙ Rome ∙ Lisbon ∙ Madrid ∙ Milan ∙ Dublin ∙ Bruxelles ∙ Berlin ∙ Hamburg ∙ Munich ∙ Prague ∙ Stockholm ∙ Manchester ∙ Zurich

When asked why the members had joined the team, the most common response is the genuine belief into the concept of providing people with real time insights into events around them. This belief is Nocto’s forte, as the team is able to relate to its business clients and particularly its users. The team understands the desires of the users by experiencing the app themselves and being in the same situation as the people Nocto aims to reach. It’s a solution by the people, for the people.

The atmosphere is what creates the drive for high performance along with a sense of ownership as the team observes the evolution of the brand and shapes its future. For our Social Media Manager, Luuk Weber, the desire for progress is propagated by the “anticipation and uncertainty” for what is to follow. However a brand only develops as well as its people, making individual growth a priority for Nocto’s leadership and team members. As Nocto’s Head of Sales, Charles Rossy puts it, “While still being a student and focusing on personal development, for me Nocto is especially an opportunity to add structure and enhance my organisational skills.” On the other hand, our Web Developer, Elvin Carvalho sees it as a possibility to master his “web development skills and have a sense of accomplishment” after spending many years in education.

All in all, it can be said with certainty that the people at Nocto encourages every young individual to experience the exciting environment of a rising venture! Be it to meet people, to obtain new skills or perfect existing ones, Nocto’s CEO, David Franzén asserts that a person who has not worked at or founded a start up, has foregone the best business experience available.

Inspired by the stories? Reach out to us on Facebook or email us at info@noctoapp.com for more information! We are hiring now & you have an opportunity to join the team by contacting us here!

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