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Nocto Update #2


Nocto’s City Ambassadors

In this week’s update, we spoke to the people at the core of this venture’s functionality - City Ambassadors. Liya from Bordeaux, Anil from Geneva and Oivind from Bergen shared with us what Nocto means for them and their city.

City Ambassadors or as we colloquially call them - CAs, are the people on location, present in all the regions covered by Nocto. CA’s are responsible for promoting the brand amongst the users and are the first point of contact for venues already working with us or those interested to do so. Although the presumed role does not vary across countries, the attitude does. Different locations have varying demands that our CA’s are eager to address. The idea of working with locals lies at the heart of Nocto, since these are the people most aware of local trends and have a superior understanding of the business culture.


“Nocto already features more than 3500 venues across 35+ countries. An achievement that would not have been possible without all of Nocto’s City Ambassadors”

Liya, a 20 year-old law student in Bordeaux sees the app benefiting both the locals and the visitors, “Nocto will be useful for students by saving money with Nocto’s deals, as well as the tourists who are new to Bordeaux.” For Liya personally, Nocto is an opportunity to gain experience while maintaining individual “autonomy and independence”. She sees a bright future for Nocto in Bordeaux due to its dynamic nightlife where Nocto can become a “must have”.

Across the border in Switzerland, Anil, the CA for Geneva, joined Nocto because “the project is innovative” and matches his vision of the future of nightlife. He views the strengths of Nocto as “the possibility to share insights with people you go out with” and the potential for “a new way of planning our evenings.” Geneva has an exceptional reputation for its illustrious nightlife and Anil can see the venues benefiting from using Nocto, by adapting to the generation born with social media.

To the question of “Why did you join Nocto?”, Oivind, a 22 year-old economics student and CA for Bergen, Norway responded, “The idea of introducing Business Intelligence to the night-life industry is really cool and is something I want to be a part of.” Just like Liya, Oivind sees potential in Nocto benefiting not only the local residents, but also those that are visiting Bergen - “We have a lot of diverse venues and NOCTO can help you as a tourist to find the perfect place.”

The flexibility described by the CA’s allows the concept to successfully let people decide where the best party is on and help the venues understand their audience, no matter the region. The differences are evident, but all three can certainly agree that with Nocto’s Insights, anyone can be at the right place, at the right time. The community works together by sharing their experiences with others, thus helping them have that perfect night out. Nocto is working with Liya, Anil, Oivind and many others to achieve the goal of reaching everyone. “I can see Nocto as the most credible reference for nightlife in a year,” Anil asserts, “today, it's all about sharing, and this is the power of Nocto.”

Inspired by the stories? Reach out to us on Facebook or email us at info@noctoapp.com for more information! You can join as a City Ambassador and represent your city by contacting us here!

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