Ryan Van Der Zwet

Nocto Update #14


Update in Design & Usability

To match our ambition of continental conquest, our mobile apps are now updated to be faster, smoother and look much more polished and modern! For both iOS and Android, the Insight quality has been increased and the loading speed is a lot faster. The general flow and design of several screens have been optimized, and we’ve linked the app to Google Maps & Apple Maps so you’re always able to find your parties, and get to your parties easily! Make sure you update your app to enjoy a massive increase in user-experience! Next up, the ability to comment & tag and more features in uploading insights, and finally the ability to invite your facebook friends to Nocto!


Shooters x Nocto Party

Clubs that become a partner venue always get the opportunity to throw a Nocto event as an announcement of our new partnership. This event is a perfect way of introducing the guests and venue staff with the app, how it works and the benefits it yields to the venue. Now covering the Netherlands from top to bottom, you can spend your Nocs also in Leeuwarden and Groningen in the north! “Shooters” is hosting Shooters x Nocto Party on Thursday 25th of January from 23:00 to 05:00. From now on you can expect to see an increase in the number of places offering Deals for Nocs, and the benefits of posting your Insights in Nocto!


The apps can be found here for  iOS and  Android ! Make sure to update it to enjoy our latest updates on functionalities and design!

For press enquiries, please contact r.vanderzwet@noctoapp.com.

For funding enquiries, please contact m.vanderspek@noctoapp.com.

For general enquiries, please contact info@noctoapp.com.