Ryan Van Der Zwet

Nocto Update #11


July 1st 2018 - Objectives

Reflecting on 2017 we’ve come a long way already! We have developed an app that collects real-time data, a platform for customer relationship management and now we’re a couple of thousand downloads further. We have started collaborations with partner venues that would like to join our nightlife revolution, and we’ve been providing them with consultation and data from our online platform. Despite all that; there’s so much more we want to accomplish…

We asked the NOCTO team what they hope to have accomplished halfway into 2018 and collected their thoughts, hopes and dreams for NOCTO. What are our ambitions and what are our objectives?


A Fully-Integrated NOCTO App

We will keep developing, optimizing and adding features to the apps and to the web platform, continuing our quest to cover all aspects of nightlife. Chat-, invite- and tagging options will be added and our users and clients will have access to the other relevant nightlife platforms via NOCTO, creating a one-stop-shop for all nightlife stakeholders. The app will be equipped with filter-options in categories like music genre, so that our users can easily scroll through the different events and choose the venue matching their personal preferences.

European Conquest

Until now we have mainly been focusing on Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels, but we have already set foot in other regions, having already added more than 4000 venues to our database all over Europe. By mid-summer we want to include several of the most important cities in Europe within our realm, like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London. The app will not only be used by locals, but also by tourists and international students who aren’t familiar with the city they’re in, so will need the NOCTO app even more. The name ‘NOCTO’ will be established as a powerhouse in European nightlife and with that we have set an ambitious goal of 200,000+ downloads by July 1st 2018.



2017 has been the year of developing, testing and preparing. As we approach 2018, it becomes clearer than ever that we are on the right path to an industry revolution! We have a perfect combination of hard-work, inspiration and talent to achieve what only SEEMS to be too ambitious.

The apps can be found here for iOS and Android, and make sure to be using the latest version!

For press enquiries, please contact r.vanderzwet@noctoapp.com.

For funding enquiries, please contact m.vanderspek@noctoapp.com.

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