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Nocto Update #1


Introducing Nocto - Know Before You Go

A newcomer to the entertainment industry, Nocto aims to revolutionise European nightlife. In this update we look at the concept, along with how and why it came to be.

Originating in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, Nocto is addressing two key voids in the nightlife industry. The Nocto app lets partygoers pick the most suitable event by getting a sneak peek at the inside of the venue in real time, while allowing the venues to better understand their audience and reward the committed clients. David Franzén, the founder and CEO of Nocto, identified the missing link while doing his minor at the Rotterdam School of Management:

“I was interested in the nightlife scene, and asked myself: what are we missing? A problem that I often experience myself is that there is no way of knowing what is going on around you in real-time. Not only do we not know the place to be, the venues also lack the understanding of what the people want.”

David Franzén CEO

He realized that two seemingly unrelated problems can be solved simultaneously. Nocto goes beyond offering a solution. It provides an opportunity for the public and the venues to foster relationships where the customers are rewarded for their commitment and the venues can accommodate the clientele's desires.

The highlighted dilemmas are not limited to a particular geographical area, making Nocto applicable all around the world. Without holding back on this opportunity, Nocto is already present in 30+ countries across Europe and is expanding further every day. At the core of this venture is a group of diverse, yet like-minded individuals aiming to help every person have the perfect night. Combining the widespread network with the ambition of the team, Nocto already features more than 3000 clubs. Nocto takes users beyond their local area and is the perfect solution for travelling abroad. During trips where time is of the essence, Nocto allows people to find the perfect party in an unfamiliar location. On the business side, this opens Nocto beyond clubs & bars, encompassing hotels, hostels and other businesses that deal with tourism.


Nocto operates both as a B2B and a B2C, with a mobile app for the people and a web platform for the businesses:

  • Users are able to see what is going in real-time at the venues around them. By contributing with their own pictures & videos (Insights) and having them Hooted (liked) by other users, they can collect Nocs, the in-app virtual currency that can be spent on benefits such as queue skips, complimentary tickets and free drinks, among others. In order to upload Insights and spend Nocs on Deals, users must be Checked-In to a venue, which is only possible when within 100m of the venue. “Be at the right place, at the right time, and get free deals for contributing.”
  • Businesses are able to understand and review the data collected by the Nocto app from within their venue through four main functions; Insights, Events, Statistics and Deals. These allow the venues to improve their customer relationship management by understanding the audience and their perceptions & desires. The data gathering is consistent since users are required to Check-In through the app to share Insights and spend Nocs. As a result, venues can improve their service, attract a wider audience and reward their loyal customers. Understand your audience, to know how to please your audience.”

By targeting both market segments, Nocto serves a niche purpose that no other provider has done before. Nocto has identified a sustainable stream of income, whereby signed up clubs pay a monthly fee to have access to the website and its benefits, essentially becoming verified venues. Beyond the standard and premium packages, businesses have the potential to become partner venues by opting for the pre-pay option through Nocto’s crowdfunding, which is to be announced soon. Combining the solid revenue model with the platform’s wide geographical reach, Nocto is well positioned to establish itself as a market leader in the nightlife sector.

Nocto recognises the importance of having two feet on the ground during the initial expansion and acknowledges the challenges it has overcome and will face in the future. Nocto’s team is well equipped to handle its ambition with strong cross-cultural understanding skills and a well-established structure, ensuring success in each one of its targeted regions.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us on Facebook or email us at info@noctoapp.com!

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