Best nightlife cities in Western-Europe

City trips are hot right now. More and more people visit cities for a (long) weekend as it doesn’t require them to spend all their holidays, but still feels like a well-deserved break from their daily grind. The city trippers’ travel motives may vary, but one of the main activities during a weekend city trip is exploring nightlife. That’s why we present to you our top 3 2018 nightlife city trip destinations in our current area of operation: Western-Europe.


The Belgium capital has a various nightlife scene. Although the city’s party scene is rather small compared to the others in our top 3, it has more than an appealing cosmopolitan character. Brussels isn’t a city that is famous for its 24/7 clubs, but stands out because of the cosy atmosphere that the little pubs and terraces send out. In addition to that, Belgian beer is by many considered the worlds’ best. Visiting a Belgian brewery is a great way of discovering for yourself whether Belgian beer lives up to its reputation.



The nightlife of Amsterdam is very vibrant. The Dutch are famous for their large contribution to international DJ’s and electronical music festivals, such as ADE; where over 2200 artists from all over the world perform in the best clubs in Amsterdam, over a 5-day period. Clubs like ‘De school’ and ‘De Marktkantine’ can’t be skipped by anyone who goes on an Amsterdam city trip for the weekend. Also: checkout the club Shelter, a club that has opened its doors during ADE 2016, located in the basement of an old Shell Tower. This is also one of the many Dutch clubs with a 24-hour permit, meaning booking a hotel won’t be necessary for the nightlife owls that have trouble sleeping at night.



Berlin is by many considered the best European clubbing city. The fall of the Berlin wall caused an increase in popularity of electronic music. Even though the wall had fallen, there was a lot of controversy between the East- and West-Germans. The mutual participation in giant raves at old buildings, such as abandoned factories and ruins, brought all of the Germans closer together. Even now still, the techno scene is an important part of Berlin culture. With clubs such as ‘Watergate’, ‘Berghain’ and ‘Sisyphos’, Berlin is a must-see for any techno enthusiast.


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