I'm here to party!

Our app shows you real-time pictures and videos from within events around you, posted by people who are there right now. Easily find the most fitting place near you with the right music type, the right atmosphere and the right crowd.

With the Nocto app you can:

  • Locate the best parties in your surroundings! Check out which events are on tonight and what’s happening in the clubs in town.
  • Share your experiences on scene through insights in the shape of videos and photos, with which you generate hoots (likes).
  • By generating hoots you can earn Nocs; the in-app currency.
  • Spend your well-earned Nocs on primary nightlife necessities such as shots and beers, but also entrances and queue skips at our partner venues.

The Nocto App provides real-time knowledge about the places to be and already covers 4000+ venues in more than 40 countries.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android!

I'm here for Business

We have created a platform linked to our free mobile application which lets people post real-time content of their nightlife experiences. We offer this subscription-based platform for you to review and understand the data that the application collects from within your venue.

We use this data to help the people be at the right place at the right time, and to help the venues be the place to be, by understanding & connecting with their audience. With 4000+ venues in 40+ countries, NOCTO has all the potential needed to revolutionize nightlife & events!

  • Insights: understand what your audience shares with the world - what they like and what they don’t.
  • Events: efficiently promote your events directly to the people looking to go out.
  • Deals: offer drinks, entrances, queue skips and more in exchange for Nocs to attract a larger or specific audience, and to reward your loyal customers.
  • Statistics: displays who, when, where, why and how people come, or don't come to your venue.
Having once been dumped for being “too logical”, I have always wanted to solve problems. I didn’t understand why a dominant nightlife app had not yet been developed. It’s the perfect opportunity presented with several unknowns and inefficiencies that Nocto aims to solve. My role as CEO is to create a team that covers all departments with ambitious & proactive people. Anything Nocto needs, we have someone for it. The internet and modern society are so well connected that one solution can easily impact many more people. I look forward to seeing how far a simple idea can go, while solving 2 problems with one solution. Let’s make nightlife great again!
Bringing experience in finance, administration, project management and entrepreneurship, I want to add value to the ambitious and diverse Nocto team and help build the bright future. Graduated in Management of Innovation, my eyes are always open for innovation, web development and internet technology. Solving problems for real people in real situations, combining app technology with in-depth knowledge of the industry and data analysis, that is where I see enormously scalable solutions delivered by Nocto. Let’s do this!
I am a Computer Engineer I love challenges. Hence, I am always in pursuit of excellence in whatever I do, by searching for the fastest and the most optimal solution of any problem, be it in programming or in life. I’ve been having a great experience with the Nocto team, since everyone comes from such diverse backgrounds. I value having the same vision that provides us with a positive working environment. It connects us, lets us implement our own ideas and intellectual thoughts. We have been able to grow our network each and everyday, while building something very interesting and exciting.
Growing up in Amsterdam with a profound love for sports, music, movies and much more, I have always been someone wanting to learn something new every day. Nocto is the perfect company for me to showcase my skills and at the same time learn and develop in the way I choose. I always say that success is something that no one is born with, but everyone can attain. Whether it is at Nocto or at anything else in life, I always strive for success and at Nocto I feel that this is one mindset we all share. Working with many different nationalities and with people from all across Europe who all share the same common goal, I am sure Nocto is here to stay and is going to revolutionize nightlife the way we know it.
I have always been a person who likes to discover new things. And when I started to go out and started specializing in nightlife, because of my study Media & Entertainment Management, I found out I want to work in this industry. But this industry is huge, that is why it is so hard to find the right party. For this reason I started working at Nocto as a regional manager of the The Netherlands. Me and our team wants to solve this problem for everybody.
Latvian living in the Netherlands. As I have always said strength lies in differences not similarities. Nocto team is diverse and unique, almost as application itself. I have seen so many applications for nightlife and entertainment but they all seemed duplicated and never drew my attention. However, when I discovered Nocto I knew straight away this will revolutionize the industry. It is perfect for users and businesses. It's time to make nightlife great again.
I come from Italy and I arrived in Rotterdam to start my studies less than 6 months before I joined Nocto to take care of the creative side of the app. So far it has been a great path, working in a group with so many different backgrounds and all be focused towards the same goal is exactly what I had hoped to get one day!
I am in my last year for my BBA in Tourism Management. During my never ending lectures about the business of tour operating and travel agencies I already realized that wasn’t going to be my future. Nocto is a place for me where I can be creative and develop the skills I want to develop. My goals as head of PR are maintaining relationships and creating new ones. I think my affinity for writing and communication will be a good guidance towards achieving those goals.
A Lebanese student in Rotterdam, I came here to study International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. After a year in Rotterdam, joining Nocto was probably one of the best decisions I took. Nocto is a wonderful creative outlet, working with a driven international team, in a vibrant city, with the goal to transform the European nightlife scene. As an Expansion Strategist, I have to make sure that Nocto expands strategically and optimally as well as to keep all the databases up to date to reflect the current strategy. Nocto is here to stay and help the rather neglected industry grow to its full potential.
I am the Android developer at Nocto. The best part about this team is its diversity and the unique idea - “being at the right place at the right time”. Nocto’s achievement so far is due to the presence of a smart team and a strong support from an energetic mentor like David. Bringing a revolution to the nightlife market is our ultimate goal. I am excited to be a part of this team.
It’s been around 2 years to me being in mobile application industry. I have observed the world changes fast and so do the requirements. My quality is to adopt quickly to the ongoing changes and speed up myself exponentially. I think of same for Nocto and team. Everything happens by, with or through people, Nothing just happens on its own. So here we are together looking forward to continuous improvements in making Night life’s better, worth and shine brighter.
I am a Software Developer, I love technical challenges. This is a golden opportunity for me to work with Nocto Team. All the team members are very cooperative and knowledgeable. Because of Nocto Team I am now experiencing with latest technologies.I am always ready to deal with tough situation and to accept new challenges because i love learning new things and deal with different scenario and situations.
After 20 years in the corporate world, I have now switched to the entrepreneurship side - both are interesting, but what a difference! I'm starting own companies and being a mentor and adviser to other entrepreneurs. The opportunities truly are amazing and endless. It's tough, but if you have a great and innovative solution to something that is an issue for many, take the chance!