Born from the inefficiencies of the nightlife industry, Nocto’s founder & CEO David Franzén wanted a solution to the classic question of “what will we do tonight?”. In a society that is more digital and better connected than ever, there is an abundance of opportunities for people to help each other seize the night! 

  He dreamt of a community through which friends and strangers alike share experiences in real time to provide everyone with an overview of events with their music style, atmosphere, attendance and experiences. Those who contribute to the community by uploading Insights are promoting the venues involved, by which they can earn Nocto’s own nightlife token: the NOC. These Nocs can then be spent at verified venues in exchange for nightlife experiences, including: drinks, entrances, queue skips & more! A win-win for all parties involved ….

    While exploring solutions for the people, it became clear that nightlife businesses (bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, event organizers & many more) will also benefit in our nightlife community. The Nocto team identified crucial abilities related to a nightlife business’s success, including the ability to: A) create (stronger) relationships with their customers, B) stand out among the competition, C) target new audiences and D) listen to the people. In Nocto’s Business Platform, businesses are able to optimize the above points and become a proactive piece in our growing European nightlife community.

  We are always interested in new opportunities, new contacts and new ideas. Get in touch if you want to help us seize the night!



David Franzen

Founder & CEO


Mark Brouwers

Head of Partnerships & Growth


Frank van den Bold

Strategy & Business Development


Thomas Dries

Design & Marketing


Saurabh Yadav

Head of Technical Development


Nikhil Gupta

Backend Developer


Farhan Lari

Android Developer


Akhilesh Singh

iOS Developer


Johan Franzén